Chemical Process Pump (ECH+N)

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The offered chemical process pumps are designed to handle all kinds of liquids such as alkalis, acids, starch, filtrate etc. The impeller construction and external adjustment makes it easy to use.

Operating Range

  • Delivery Size: DN 25 to 200 mm
  • Capacity: Up to 700m³ /hr
  • Head: Up to 180 m
  • Temperature: Up to 200° C
  • Pressure: Up to 26 bar


  • Handles all chemical process requirements
  • Acids, alkalies, corrosive slurries
  • Suitable for all liquids with / without solids
  • Green liquor, black liquor, Caustic Slurry, lime-mud slurry, extraction, Alkalies, Acids, NaOH, China clay, Fitrate, Hypo, Spent wash, starch etc in pulp, paper mills & basic metal industries

Design Features

  • Conforming to ANSI B73.1
  • Open impeller construction
  • End suction / Top centre line discharge
  • Only 3 bearing beds to cover 32 models
  • Gland packed / mechanical seal
  • Simple external adjustment for impeller wear

Industries can be used