Vertical Canti Lever Pump (VG)

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The cantilever design of the vertical pumps makes it suitable for corrosive applications as intermediate bush bearings are avoided. It is recommended where space economy matters. It is highly efficient, reliable and reduces operating costs.

Operating Range

  • Delivery Size: DN 25 to 300 mm
  • Capacity: Up to 500m³ /hr
  • Head: Up to 75 m
  • Temperature: Up to 120° C


  • Suitable where space economy matters
  • Suitable for Acids, Alkalies & Slurries in basic metal industries
  • Waste water, sludge handling in pulp & paper industries

Design Features

  • Vertical suspended with open / closed impellers
  • Cantilever design
  • Simple mounting & self-priming
  • Up to 3 metres submersion depth
  • Simple, fast external impeller adjustment

Industries can be used