Multi-Stage Pumps (MD/MDP)

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Multistage pumps are defined as pumps in which the fluid flows through several impellers fitted in series. The head of a single-stage centrifugal pump is largely governed by the type of impeller and the circumferential speed. Multistage pumps have a horizontal, barrel type construction with an axial thrust.

Operating Range

  • Delivery Size: DN 40 to 125 mm
  • Capacity: Up to 350m³ /hr
  • Head: Up to 600 m
  • Temperature: Up to 120° C
  • Pressure: Up to 90 bar


  • Boiler feed water service
  • Main & auxiliary condensate extraction
  • General water & fire – fighting systems
  • Mine – dewatering & descaling
  • High pressure Industrial application in pulp & paper mills and Power & Steel

Design Features

  • Barrel type construction
  • Multi stage with single suction -closed impeller
  • Axial thrust compensated by Balancing Drum or Disc

Industries can be used